The Cerro Torre is located in a four mountain chain; Cerro Torre, Torre Egger, Punta Herron, and Cerro Standhart. Prophetic words. 90 per cent of the ascents since have been via this route, where climbers have some 400 bolts they can choose to attach to most of the way to the summit. Remaining only was Cerro Torre, a mountain I had tried to climb the year before. Hadn't read it since it came out. The Compressor Route, Cerro Torre. Cerro Torre is one of this planet’s truly singular peaks and believing a climber’s account speaks to the heart of alpinism. You’re the first Australian to climb Cerro Torre not via the controversial Compressor Route, do you have any opinion on the chopping of the bolts on that route? Chris Geisler and I had reached a point some 40 meters shy of the top of the headwall. Through the 1960s, Cesare Maestri’s ascent of Cerro Torre was hotly disputed so to silence his critics, Maestri organized another expedition with five climbers and returned to Cerro Torre in 1970. Cerro Torre je ena od gora v Južnopatagonskem ledenem polju v Južni Ameriki. We had attempted the southeast ridge, the line of the Compressor Route, but had avoided using any of Maestri's bolts. In 1970 Ezio Alimonta, Daniele Angeli, Claudio Baldessarri, Carlo Claus and Pietro Vidi opened this new The Compressor Route goes up more than 4,000 feet of vertical rock and ice on the southeast ridge of Cerro Torre, which sits in a disputed border area between Chile and Argentina. In a little over a decade Maestri, it may be argued, perpetrated the greatest hoax in the history of alpinism and also desecrated Cerro Torre with the Compressor Route. Kennedy and Kruk, January 2012 P.S. Maestri, humiliated, returns to battle 12 years after his first ascent, in winter, and on the most complicated slope. Almost a year later, Lama is showing no signs of slowing down. Earlier this year David Lama, 22, freed the infamous Compressor Route on Patagonia’s Cerro Torre. The most controversial route in the world. He continues, 'Perhaps it might provide an incentive for the seventh grade'. Cerro torre compressor. I haven’t climbed the Compressor Route and I don’t know much about it outside of what others have said, so I don’t have an opinion of any substance. Over two years have passed since the first free ascent of the Compressor Route on Cerro Torre at the hands of David Lama and Peter Ortner and the climbing world is only now beginning to comprehend what the two young Austrian alpinists really … Why do I care? Cerro Torre is the tallest of these four mountains. Messner dryly notes of Cerro Torre that, after the Compressor route, 'it lost something of its charm.' Over two years have passed since the first free ascent of the Cerro Torre rises in Argentine territory at the eastern edge of the Patagonian Ice Cap 50 miles north of Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park. A recent trip to Trango Tower in Pakistan saw the driven climber testing his reserves at altitude, and he is keen to return to Pakistan next year to take his high standard of free climbing to the Himalayan arena. For 40 years the Compressor Route as it’s now known (though perhaps not for much longer) has been the de facto normal route up Cerro Torre. Yesterday a mate lent me 'The Seventh Grade'. Credit: Escalando.

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